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We have wide range of freight service both via air and ocean freight specifically design to Vietnam. We take care of every process of the shipping, due to the safe delivery and unpacking of the goods, our dedicated team will even organize all packing and paperwork together with all those documents, leaving much time to focus on all the other areas of the move to Vietnam.

There are a variety of containers available for transporting to Vietnam, depending on customer's individual needs, our move coordinators will advise customer on the most suitable container size for shipping their household goods and personal effects and commercial cargos to Vietnam. However big or small, customer can be sure that everything will be stress free and that their belongings will arrive at their new destination exactly as they left. We offer budget friendly shipping to Vietnam by shared container or for large consignments; we can provide a sole use container for shipping to Vietnam.

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The Benefit of choosing us

  • We have specialist in Vietnam shipping.
  • We have shipping services at low cost comparing to others.
  • Door to door services.
  • Door to port services.
  • Port to door services.
  • Port to port services.
  • No hidden charges apply

Air freight to Vietnam

We can also arrange air cargo for customer's business or residence. We take pride in offering flexible and convenient air fright shipping options to locations in Vietnam. We accept a wide variety of cargo for international air shipping. All air cargo and air freight must be properly boxed, crated. All shipments should be packaged properly in order to accept the shipment. On air shipping to Vietnam, our standard box rate covers warehouse receiving, tallying and loading customer's cargo. It also covers documentation costs and air shipment charges. Air shipping rates to Vietnam vary depending on the chargeable weight. Some of our shipping services in air freight are given below.

Sea Freight Shipping to Vietnam

We provide ocean transportations services, freight forwarding and logistics services. Every step of shipping process is handled very carefully by our experts from booking to final delivery at the destination, we also help our customers to follow up the status of every shipment easily with fast process, that is to create comfortable and trust when the customer using our services to Vietnam. We can even arrange shipping to Vietnam from anywhere in the world and can professionally pack your furniture and household goods. We guarantee that the shipment will arrive at the destination as soon as possible. Customer can get the following services from us.

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